TLDR: I love the fusion of Electronics+Computer Science. Also, just like Chris Olah says, “I want to understand things clearly”

I was recently shortlisted for Ph.D. admission at IIT Gandhinagar after clearing the written test and interview. Before this, I was working as a JRF in the same institute under Prof. Nipun Batra since March 2019. From August 2018 to January 2019, I was a Research and Teaching Assistant at IIIT Sricity. Meeting and working under Prof. Venkatesh Vinayakarao was the most fabulous thing that happened there.

After my BTech in ECE at Gauhati University, I primarily worked for about 3.5 years in multiple organizations in the Web Design and Development domain (I used to eat JavaScript). I was even into freelancing. 3.5 years and I was done with those Jobs. I loved the 9-5 (or 9 to 6.30) culture but eventually thought that I did not want to continue that way.

Government job was an excellent option to try. But the State Govt. is something I feel fishy about and the Central Government seems too good for a person like me. ;)

So, Ph.D. seems to be what I wanted to do. I enjoy the essence of understanding complicated looking concepts. That mindful satisfaction is hard to explain. I think the following are useful points in favor of doing a Ph.D.

  1. You never retire in the job you do after doing a Ph.D. Why?

  2. You do a Ph.D. to specialize in a domain where work is fun, and that is what you aspire to do in your entire life.

  3. Ph.D. is an excellent way to satisfy the innate hunger of understanding things clearly and explain those things in the most straightforward way to someone else.

So, that is it. I hope my journey will be fulfilling. I know it will be full of challenges and pressure, but anything worth having is difficult to have, and it is climbing that mountain that is important.